Eric Chabot, Director of Ratio Christi at OSU and CSCC

SALT Workshop Facilitator:
“Overcoming Scientific Objections”
“Overcoming the Objections of Relativism”
“Overcoming the Objection of Evil and Suffering in the World”

Eric Chabot was raised in a mainline denomination in Bexley, Ohio, but came to faith in Jesus as Lord in his mid-20’s. Eric holds an M.A. in Religious Studies from Southern Evangelical Seminary and serves full-time as Midwest Ministry Representative for CJF Ministries. Eric has been doing campus apologetics for nearly 16 years and is the director of Ratio Christi (“Reasons for Christ”) apologetics chapter on the campus of The Ohio State University and Columbus State Community College. He lives in Gahanna, Ohio with his wife Lucy and two children.