Global Outreach


Gracci Research Analytic Christian Charitable Institute – (GRACCI) in Nagpur, India

The main purpose of GRACCI is to reveal God as the Father of the fatherless, the comforter of the widow, the provider for the sojourner, and the keeper of promise for all who trust in Him. We exit to testify that Jesus Christ is alive. We are doing this for His glory, one orphan, one widow, one patron at a time. The world will never change unless we first change ourselves.

Currently, GRACCI is making a difference in the lives of 14 orphan children. We provide housing, clothing, health care, education, food, everything they need, and a whole lot of love to help them grow into the people God would desire them to be.

GRACCI also reaches out to the surrounding villages. The poor are being fed, clothed, and provided medical attention. GRACCI hosts conferences, provides discipleship training, and preschoolers are being taught English. So much has been accomplished by His grace and by the support of all the well-wishers like you who so graciously and cheerfully give to help us help others.

For more information, please contact Abraham Geevarghese.