Abraham Geevarghese

GRACCI Founder & President

Abraham Geevarghese was born in Nagpur, India and as a teenager and student taught English to poor children. He arrived in the United States in 1995 with a small briefcase, two handbags, and $50 cash. He became a US citizen in 2000.

While in the Job Corp he witnessed 600 to 700 students throwing away the coins they earned. So, he picked up the pennies and kept them, knowing they could do a lot for the poor children in slums back in India. In two and half years he collected $1500 in pennies. In May of 2001, while attending college in Oklahoma, he got a job as a Student Trainee with the US Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), who later offered him a full-time job upon graduation.

In 2004, he moved to Lincoln, Nebraska and while looking for a church to attend, went to a Church called Glad Tidings. That night the pastor shared the idea of doing outreach in India. Near the end of the discussion, Abraham introduced himself and told them he would donate his home in Nagpur, India to start a Children’s Home/Orphanage. After a few weeks of discussions and prayers, in 2005, they started Gracci Research Analytic Christian Charitable Institute (GRACCI) in Nagpur India. Abraham now serves as the President and is involved in the planting of CenterPoint Nagpur.

Abraham and his wife Pheba have two daughters, Abigail and Angela. He loves to share God’s blessing and testimony to all, spend time with his family, and has traveled to 38 States around this beautiful country.

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