Next Steps

Best. Decision. Ever.

First, the Good News: We are no longer slaves to sin and death!
Take a look at this brief video. And decide: Do you believe Jesus is who he says he is? Do you have questions? 

Take a step to learn more or choose to follow Jesus.


Baptism is a powerful experience of God’s grace, when we get to see his love and forgiveness in a tangible way. It is not a saving act, but rather, a personal means in which you can identify with Christ.

In addition, it tells the world that you belong to Jesus, have received his cleansing, and that you are dying to your old self to live a new life in him. All who believe in Jesus are encouraged to be baptized. 


We are discipleship-focused with a passion for relationships. We believe discipleship is literally, “friendship with a vision”. Helping people grow in their faith is a privilege and we take it seriously. We can pair you with with a mentor that can help you grow in your faith in and your knowledge of Jesus!


As a Father, God longs for His children to come to Him. He wants you near Him and to walk with Him. Prayer—which literally means communicating with God—draws us into that relationship.

Like any conversation, prayer requires both talking and listening. Sometimes, it looks like you pouring out your heart to your Father; other times, it might be quieting your heart and listening for His voice. Whatever form we choose, prayer is the main means by which we come to God.

Take a step to learn more about prayer and focus on your prayer life. You can also request prayer for whatever is going on in your life.

Serve God & Others

Many hands make light work. CenterPoint is a team of people that have come together around the common goal to love our communities well. We want to create experiences at CenterPoint for people to encounter God’s love and healing.

Whether you love to hang out with babies, brighten someone’s day with a smile, play the guitar, really like fixing things or just want to find your fit there is a place for you to use those gifts in God’s kingdom.

Small Groups

We believe in the power of small groups. Real-life change takes place Monday-Saturday within the confines of a healthy small group. People are meant to be with people as they learn about God and care for each other.

We have small groups available now and we are always forming new groups.

Give Generously

We believe giving is a response to the goodness of God. Everything we have comes from Him, and He invites us to be part of His mission to bring hope to those around us.

Giving isn’t really about money; it’s about trusting God and leaning into the freedom He has for us.