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OUR MISSION: We exist to see lives transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit as Christ becomes the CenterPoint of their hearts, homes, workplaces, community and world. In short – we are about seeing lives transformed from the CenterPoint out!

Multiply Disciples – to point people to Jesus by building friendships and sowing seeds of faith in others, and helping them grow in their relationship with Him.
Multiply Leaders – to establish a spiritual coaching network, where new leaders are equipped by shadowing other leaders in ministry.
Multiply Groups – to grow disciples through a network of healthy, life-changing small group Bible studies and through service opportunities on a ministry team.
Multiply Sites – to establish a network of campuses throughout the Columbus area geared to reach new people for Christ.

OUR VALUES: We believe IN…
1. The Infallibility of Scripture and the Influence of Jesus Christ in our lives as Savior and Lord.
2. Inspirational worship that gives us Intimacy with God.
3. Including every individual into our fellowship by incorporating them into caring small groups.
4. Involving ourselves in our community and Investing ourselves in ministry.
5. Inviting people to faith in Jesus Christ and Instructing families in the knowledge of that faith.
6. Intercession with God is powerful and integral to ministry effectiveness.
7. Initiating new churches using Innovative ministry to reach people for Christ.
8. Integrity and authenticity must be displayed in every Instance of life and ministry.