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73 S. 9th Street
McConnelsville, OH

Preview services 2nd & 4th Sunday of each month
Next: September 10 & 24 @ 10:30AM
Grand Opening: October 8, 2023


CenterPoint McConnelsville (CPM) is founded and co-led by Pastors Jon Fulton and Josh Boyer. Both Jon and Josh are ordained in the Kingdom Network—an affiliation of Reformed Churches—and both enjoy sharing the Gospel message with all. Jon is happily married to his wife Amy of 27 years and has 3 children—Elisabeth, Jonathan, and Grace. Josh is happily married to his wife Ariel of 26 years and has 2 sons—Ty and James. Both men earnestly believe in a church that is real, relevant, relational, and responsive.

CPM is a real church where you can be yourself without judgment. It’s a church that’s relevant through its contemporary worship style and need-based sermon series. It’s a church that is relational by nature and one that believes human capital has eternal rewards. Lastly, CPM is a responsive church that discerns the community needs and acts accordingly to meet them. Come as you are to experience the beauty of CPM. We are eager to meet you!

See our full story below.

Our Leadership

Joshua Boyer

Campus Co-Pastor

Jonathan Fulton

Campus Co-Pastor

Our Story

CenterPoint McConnelsville (CPM) is the byproduct of godly relationships! In late 2021, Pastor Jon and a couple of church elders began holding monthly ministry gatherings in his garage. The gatherings were simple, with 3-5 minutes of devotion time and then hours of food, fun, and fellowship to follow. Soon thereafter, Pastor Josh joined the gatherings and began to co-lead devotions while fostering continued growth in our fellowship.

After 13 months of gatherings, in December of 2022, Pastor Jon challenged the group to meet more frequently and posed the question, “How do you feel about planting a nearby church?” Within hours, families committed to the church plant and a building was found. Within weeks, the building was purchased and prayed over. Within months, the building renovations were complete and the inaugural Easter 2023 service was planned.

CPM is proof that godly relationships are powerful and that God blesses those who meet to honor him. Today, CPM is the talk of the town—many are ready to worship our great God.

Come join us for our monthly preview services starting April 9th, 2023 at 10:30AM. We will meet on the second Sunday of every month at 10:30 AM, through September 2023. Our grand opening will be October 8, 2023 and weekly services will begin from there forward. We hope to see everyone.


Most frequent questions and answers

Currently, we have Sunday programs for nursery-aged kids and children up to middle school age.

Further weekly activities will be forthcoming once we determine the interest and discern the options.

Currently, we have Sunday programs for youth to middle school age. We are organizing some high school youth options but need to discern the interest level during our preview services.

At CenterPoint you’ll hear messages focused on real-life issues. Based solidly on Scripture, they’re designed to answer your spiritual questions and give Biblical insights as to how to deal with the situations we all face in life.

Pastors Jon and Josh are dedicated to making the truths of God’s Word understandable and applicable. You will be challenged and uplifted with Biblical principles that will lead you and your family to a healthier life together centered around Christ.

You are never obligated to give. If you are new to CenterPoint, please enjoy the service and let the basket pass unless you would like to give.

We hope that as people get involved with our church, they are led to be generous in regularly giving. You can click on our giving page to learn about the different ways to give.

We are not currently part of a denomination, but we are a part of a network of churches called The Kingdom Network.

Service time is Sunday at 10:30AM. Each service lasts about one hour.

One thing you won’t find at CenterPoint Church is a dress code, written or otherwise. Since God looks at the heart, so do we. Just come as you are and receive a warm welcome.

We want to be a place where we can all be completely authentic with God and each other. So dress casually and comfortably.

We are a real, relevant, relational, and responsive church. Our desire is to provide a warm and welcoming environment where people can worship our great God without hesitation and in great wonder.

As a new church, we need all the help we can get.  You can serve in many ways—on our Audio/Visual team, our KidsPoint team, or our Outreach team. We need volunteers on Sunday mornings to help with running PowerPoint, assist in the nursery, and to teach our young kids.  We can train anyone who is willing to serve, so sign up today.

No, no, no (we promise!)! At CenterPoint you won’t be singled out or pressured. Simply participate as you please and feel free to worship God as you feel comfortable.

You can fill out the form below or email us at hello@centerpointmcconnelsville.com and ask any other question(s) you may have.

Get in touch

Contact us by filling in this form any time you have any questions, need support, need prayer, or want to become involved at CenterPoint McConnelsville.

73 S. 9th Street, McConnelsville, OH 43756