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At Columbus Relief, our faith inspires us to be a team built on community. Each of us brings spiritual gifts that reflect God’s unconditional love. We invite you to partner with us, and see how your gifts can impact lives. We want to move people towards Christ as the ultimate provider of needs.
Columbus Relief wishes to guide people in transforming their lives. We want to use our mobile relief bus to connect us to the people that have needs, and in return connect them to the organizations that have the resources to meet those needs.

Columbus Relief wants to be strong in providing grace-filled hospitality in a dignified manner. We want to be both financially responsible and generous. Columbus Relief wants to offer job resources. We want to maximize our digital footprint locally and regionally.

We want our success to be experienced by others as God remains the center point of everything. Columbus Relief has chosen to be a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization as we use resources to serve our local community. Our staff of Columbus Relief raises their support with a small amount of funds from the organization.

For more information contact Amy Ramsey.