Children’s Ministry | Lead Contact – Amy Fulton or John Rouse

We use Kid Connection curriculum which features a large group/small group format that is perfect for multi-age settings. Each session begins with worship time and a Bible story presentation for the whole group. Then kids gather in small groups (K-2 and 3-5) to connect with their leaders and dive deeper into the lesson. For more information, for any questions, or to sign up to teach, use our contact form and select “Children’s Ministry”

Children’s Outreach/Ministries | Lead Contact – Pastor Jon or Amy Fulton
If you are compassionate about today’s kids, this may be good for you. You can connect with today’s kids through music, sports, multimedia and so forth. This new ministry will involve a multi-directional approach with kids 12 and under—inside the church and within our community.

Creative Worship | Lead Contact – Pastor Jon Fulton

The ministry team who develops the creative means in which we express biblical truths. The team is responsible for overseeing the weekly multimedia experience that accompanies the sermon. Dramas, videos, PowerPoint presentations and so forth are included in this oversight. The team meets monthly to develop and implement creative ways in which to make our weekly worship experience more relevant and real. (Drama actors also needed)

Devotional/Drama Writing | Lead Contact – Roo Stolarski
The writing team would be an intricate part of our website and creative worship ministries. The team would write periodic devotionals for mass distribution digitally or conventionally. In addition, the team would assist in writing future drama scripts.

Faith Mission | Lead Contact – Pam Bartlow
Today, Faith Mission is a 24-hour emergency shelter, serving up to 220 men and 46 women at three locations; 325 E. Long St., 151 N. 6th St. and 599 E. 8th Ave. Faith Mission is the only organization in Franklin County able to serve three meals a day, every day of the year. Their mission is to continue to create a better world by serving people in need.

General Administration | Lead Contact – Lori Meyer
Everyone can fill a position on this team. This ministry would be responsible for the oversight and coordination of the following; bulletin design and printing, tracking ministries (times, locations,leaders), making signs or literature, booking locations for service, web site updates, taking/compiling notes, LGA (visitor or missing member) follow-up, general printing/copying/scheduling and cleaning.

Hospital / Illness Care | Lead Contact – Elders and Deacons
This is a team for you people lovers. The HC team would work closely with the elders and deacons to support hospital visits for those in need (or similar). When people are in need, we are called to respond. This is a perfect team to share Christ’s love with people you already know.

Matthew Parties (see Luke 5:27-32)
This is an informal get together with believers and unbelievers alike. The sole purpose is to be friends! We earn the right to share the Good News when we first become friends with those who don’t believe. If you like to mingle with people or you are gifted in hospitality, this team is a sure bet for you.

Men’s Small Group Ministry | Lead Contact – Myles Bancroft
This ministry is founded on the Proverbs 27:17 promise. If you are looking to connect with other men or want to share some of your life experiences for the betterment of other men, then you should consider this ministry. The group meets weekly for 1.5 hours on Thursday nights.

Music Ministry | Lead Contact – Brandy Stolarski
Know how to place an instrument or sing? Are you uplifted by music and want others to experience the same? This ministry will allow you to use your God given gifts of music in our worship environment and outside Sunday mornings. Music inspires people and helps usher in God’s presence. The ministry will be responsible for music across multiple age groups and multiple platforms.

Pastoral Care | Lead Contact – Pam Bartlow
Did you know that 40% of pastors and 47% of their spouses are suffering from burnout, frantic schedules, and/or unrealistic expectations? Moreover, 1,500 pastors leave their ministries each month due to burnout, conflict, or moral failure. If you feel like your gifts and passion can make a difference for our community pastors (Pastor Jon included), then consider this team.

Sunday Temple Team | Lead Contact – John Meyer
Are you looking for a way to work out and glorify God at the same time? Look no further; join us every Sunday for setup and teardown. This ministry is perfect for those who love to help behind the scenes or for those who are task orientated. The team meets every Sunday morning at 7:30 AM for setup (for 1 Hour) and 11:30 AM for teardown (for 30 minutes).

Tutoring Team | Lead Contact – Pastor Jon Fulton
Its official name is “Annehurst Reads”. A couple CPW members spend 1 hour a week on Thursday mornings helping 1st graders learn to read. It is truly a wonderful experience and the kids love the attention. If you are passionate about kids, then this ministry is perfect for you.

Website Team | Lead Contact – Lori Meyer
Did you know that one of the most effective means of generating visitor volume and follow-up is through digital media? If you like to design websites, digital multimedia, or just think your input would help create a better digital presence, then this team could use your gifts.

Women’s Small Group Ministry | Lead Contact – Pam Bartlow, Amy Fulton and Lori Meyer
This ministry is founded on the Proverbs 27:17 promise. If you are looking to connect with other women or want to share some of your life experiences for the betterment of other women, then you should consider this ministry. The group is looking to officially start within the next couple weeks.

Youth “Stand” Ministry | Lead Contact – Brandy Stolarski
Our youth is our future! We need to be raising godly kids so they will not veer from the truth (Proverbs 22:6). If you would like to teach, coordinate or assist in our MS/HS ministry, then join this team. The “Stand” meets every Sunday from 11:00AM-12:30PM and those interested can expect to work once a month.


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Prayer Ministry
Submit praise/prayer requests and pray for others.

Children’s Ministry
Teaching our children about Christ through Worship time and Bible presentation.

Small Group’s Ministry
Small Group’s are small group Bible studies made up of 4-12 people who regularly gather to care for and support one another in the Christian life.