CenterPoint Celebration Sunday Service Time: 10AM

All services interpreted for the Deaf.


Current Series: Cries of the Heart

Cries of the heart – words wrung from the human soul in the midst of pain. We’ve all had them, even if we’ve never verbalized them. But the struggles of life inevitably bring them to the surface. Join us as we look to Scripture for answers to the toughest questions of life.

June 18: Why Did This Happen?
June 25: How Long Will This Last?
July 2: Where Were You God?
July 9: What Did I Do?



Our morning generally looks like this:

We sing a few songs with our praise band in order to glorify God. Then we share a few announcements
We’ll take an offering (when the offering is taken for ministry expenses, don’t feel obligated to give. We’re not after your money (really!), we care about you. So feel free to let the offering plate pass you by and let us give and minister to you as our guest.)
Pastor Nathan will share an encouraging and relevant message
We’ll sing another song or two and we will close with a blessing
The service lasts about an hour – give or take a few minutes. You’ll also find that at CenterPoint we seek to utilize modern arts and technology in order to worship in a way that is current. We use videos, dramas, movie clips, interviews, and other visual arts to engage your heart and mind, all in an attempt to help you worship God in spirit and in truth (John 4:24).


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