CenterPoint Celebration Sunday Service Time: 10AM
Services may be interpreted for the Deaf. Please contact Pastor Dave.


Current Series: Fantastic Feasts: (And Who You’ll Find in Them)

The seven Jewish festivals prescribed by God in the Old Testament all point to Jesus. The Spring feasts point to his first coming while the Fall feasts point us to his second. Join us for Part 2 of our Fantastic Feasts series examining the return of the Messiah as foreshadowed by the Fall feasts, and seeing how they connect with our lives today.

Sept. 10 – Our Trumpeted King
Sept 17 – Our Scapegoat
Sept 24 – Our Shelter


Special Message: Oct 1 – Being Two


Upcoming Series: The Jesus Centered Relationship  

What does it look like to have Jesus at the center of your marriage or friendship? How is he meant to be the third strand in your relationship, weaving you tightly together? Join us for this three-part series designed to help you wrap your lives around Jesus in beautiful unity.

Oct 8 – Weaving Jesus into your Relationship
Oct 15 – Following Jesus in your Relationship
Oct 22 – Reflecting Jesus in your Relationship


At CenterPoint our worship is modern and casual, while still maintaining a comfortable flow and a high degree of excellence. Our band leads us each week in a mixture of energetic praise songs, meditative choruses, and classic hymns, enhanced by the technical support of our sound, video and lighting teams. We also want to utilize the creative arts to open our hearts to God’s Word each week, taking advantage of creative videos, dramas, movie clips, interviews, dance, painting – you name it – whatever will engage our senses and prepare our minds to hear the message.

There are many ways to get involved in our worship ministry:

  • Tech – providing sound, video or lighting production
  • Music – singing or playing with our house band
  • Arts – using your video skills, drama talents, your dance, painting or sculpting or any other artistic abilities.
  • Creative Worship planning – helping to plan creative, memorable worship experiences for everyone


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