(Check back here for special events!)

GRAPPLE … For middle-schoolers
Students will meet together — 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month, 11:30AM – 1PM — to grapple with important questions about God and living the Christian life.

Contact Rich & Melissa for more information on GRAPPLE.

YOUTH GROUP…For high-schoolers
Students will meet together  — 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month, 11:30AM – 1PM — to strengthen one another in the faith and to encourage each other to live out their faith at school, work and home. Students will share a chocolate chip pancake breakfast every week, have wild, crazy fun and also get real about following Jesus. The Barn @ CenterPoint is a perfect place for students to hang out and talk through faith questions.

Contact Phil Dugal and/or Katie Dugal for more information on this ministry.


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