At CenterPoint you’ll find music and messages that connect with your life. Our music, led by our house band, is a modern style that fits your life today. The songs we sing are thoroughly Biblical and easy to learn. If you’re not a “singer” feel free to just listen to the words and let them sink into your heart. We want you to worship in a way that’s comfortable for you. However we include music in our services to lift our spirits in praise to the God who loves us. So join in and help us honor him.

For an example of the music you might find at CenterPoint, a Spotify playlist has been assembled for you:

At CenterPoint the messages will at times comfort you, and at other times challenge and convict you – but they will always connect to your life. Pastor Dave has more than 20 years of experience making God’s Word relevant to people’s lives. You will find him engaging and conversational, and yet still passionate about bridging the world of the Bible to your life today.

Current Series - Stepping Up

Beyond Close – 11/19 – Pastor Dave Jansen
Stream | Download | PowerPoint 

Beyond Growth – 11/12 – Pastor Dave Jansen
Stream | Download | PowerPoint 

Beyond Exploring – 11/05 – Pastor Dave Jansen
Stream | Download | PowerPoint 

Series - Spark of the Reformation

The Spark of the Reformation – 10/29 – Jon Jansen
Stream | Download | PowerPoint 

Series - Christ Centered Relationship

Reflecting Jesus in Your Relationship – 10/22 – Ryan Edwards 
Stream | Download | PowerPoint 

Weaving Jesus into your Relationship – 10/15 – Pastor Dave Jansen
Stream | Download | PowerPoint 


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